Family Services

Improving relationships with family members and partners corresponds with more successful treatment outcomes. We help family members and close friends better understand what the problems are, the challenges involved in overcoming those problems, and what they can do after treatment to provide helpful support.

What to Expect

After a client is admitted to our treatment center, our Family Services Team will contact any loved ones you’ve listed (and provided consent for us to contact). After the initial contact, families may connect with Family Services regularly during and after their loved one’s stay with us. 

Our Family Services Program

Our complimentary Family Services are designed for the family, not the client. We want to help families better understand what their loved ones have been struggling with and give them the tools to support loved ones once they’re finished treatment with us.  

The Family Services are primarily educational rather than therapeutic. The code of ethics for counsellors is quite clear: Don’t bring up anything you can’t resolve before you finish. Most family issues are very complex, and it would be unethical to pretend we could deal with them in a short time. After working with us, Family Services encourage families to connect with therapists in their local community for deeper work they would like to do and can help families connect with these local practitioners. 

Program Overview

Families can attend the Virtual Family Session while their loved one is in treatment with us or anytime afterward. There is no expiry date on a client’s ability to have family members attend this session. These sessions are held bi-weekly.

To find out the next dates for our Virtual Family Session* or to register, visit our Calendly page. You can also reach our Family Services Coordinator at 1.866.487.9050 ext. 205, or e-mail, who will provide you with more information and/or register you for a future session. 

*Maximum of two family members per client/alumni. This program is not available to clients or our alumni.


For more information on Family Services activities,
dates, and locations. Please get in touch with our team.