Medical Program

We have Canada’s only exclusive Medical Program. These on-site withdrawal services allow us to provide immediate treatment to clients who would otherwise face significant obstacles in finding detox. This is especially true for clients dependent on alcohol. Heavy alcohol users are at great risk during the medical withdrawal process and should never self-detox without medical oversight. A 7-day Medical Program are also available for clients planning to attend outpatient addiction treatment in their home community.

What to Expect Upon Arrival

Upon arrival, we promptly admit you to our Medical Program where you will receive services such as withdrawal management. You will see one of our doctors within 24 hours and remain here until our doctor feels you are stable enough to begin programming (approximately 1-5 days). Most clients appreciate the time to rest before transitioning into the demands of group and individual therapy.

Medical Program Overview

While you are in our Medical Program, nursing staff monitor your vital signs around the clock to ensure your withdrawal is proceeding safely. Each person handles withdrawal in different ways and our nurses follow protocols matched to the substances you have been using. 

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