Our Values

We believe in connection, excellence, dignity, and transparency. These are the principles that inform all levels of care at our clinic.

Making Strong Connections

The connection between our team members and our individual clients is paramount. We do not allow our team members to judge, embarrass or talk down to clients at any point and they would never want to. We all know that the trust required to talk honestly about extremely personal things such as your traumatic experiences or your addiction issues can not be built alongside unnecessarily restrictive, mean spirited, and intimidating treatment environments.

Our leaders and team members are committed to excellence and have the independently proven, long-term track record of providing residential mental health care. We’ve made it our priority to know when the weight of scientific research supports new treatments, what other residential mental health programs in North America offer, and what our clients tell us they need from us or what we could do better. We attempt to exceed the already high standards of Accreditation Canada and use those standards to drive our efforts to improve. 

Our collective background has been in generic mental healthcare before addiction treatment. During that time, we grew accustomed to our provincial health facility licensing authority’s focus on the human rights and dignity of residential healthcare patients are ensuring they are never violated for any reason. So when we first started treating addiction clients in 2004, we were horrified at the indignities unqualified addiction counsellors routinely inflicted on the clients they treated. We were lucky enough to find clinical leaders who would not tolerate mistreatment of any client at any time and who taught us that it’s malpractice to shame and humiliate patients.

We can’t think of another healthcare treatment that is as much of a mystery to people as what goes on inside a residential mental health facility, particularly one that treats addiction. The addiction treatment field is particularly secretive about what they are actually doing to provide care to their clients and who is actually providing that care. We are committed to transparency in our relationship with our clients. We are transparent about the different routines inside the facility, the reasons we provide the types of care we do, the evidential proof we use to show that our care is going to be helpful, and the rules clients can expect (and the rationale behind those rules).


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