There’s Nothing Wrong With You

There’s nothing wrong with you. That’s just it. 

This recognition is both the beginning of deep healing and real growth. It’s the end of trying to fix ourselves as if we are a ‘thing’ that needs betterment. 

Have you noticed the more you look for what’s ‘wrong,’ the more things begin to feel ‘wrong’? The intellect within us is a problem-solving machine. For it to have something to do, it needs to see problems everywhere! 

The Intellect Within Us

When you’re in IKEA, the intellect can help you choose the right size table or help you remember. But if you are living through the extremely limited perspective and accumulated knowledge of the intellect, then life becomes very, very difficult – and often terribly boring. Why?

It’s because thought disconnected from feeling has the dangerous tendency to get lost in its own abstractions and labels. The mind objectifies and sees ‘things’ everywhere. Before you know it, the mind has reduced you (yes, you!) into a thing to be fixed, like a broken dishwasher or a car!


Therapy that is based on finding what’s ‘wrong’ with us gives therapy a bad name. When we approach our wounds, our vulnerability, and our challenges in life through a perspective of already existing wholeness, we no longer relate to ourselves as an ‘it’. 

As human beings, we are living, breathing, star-dust-miracles science has yet to understand! Our brains alone are as complex as the galaxies in the universe! We are living mysteries. 

The state of unknowing required to balance the knowledge of the intellect is available to us every moment, every now. Recognize the limitations of your mind. Notice how ‘more and more thinking’ only complicates your life. Pay attention to how easy it is to get lost in thought, and what happens to your connection with your body (and heart!) when that happens. 

Notice and keep noticing. When you judge yourself for “being in your head,” notice that too. 

You Have Always Been Whole

When we see how limited intellectual knowing actually is, and when we recognize the limitations of mere understanding as opposed to also sensing and feeling, we begin to not mind our minds as much. Thoughts are there, so what?  

When we let the mind be, we connect with ourselves in a deeper way. We are then in touch with our bodies and our emotions. We move and act as a totality, instead of a part of us (usually our intellect and our fears) masquerading as us.

The more closely we look at, be with, feel into, and sense our emotions, the more deeply we recognize their inherent wholeness – there is nothing wrong with them! 

We see the same is true for our thoughts and our pain. So where is this ‘wrong’ thing that needs to be fixed? I can’t seem to find it. Because it doesn’t exist and never did. Accept this at the intellectual level and nothing changes in your life. 

Experiment with this, make it your moment-to-moment experience, and the truth of your being is revealed to you: You have always been whole.