What is the Goal of Addiction Treatment and Recovery?

What does it mean to recover? Is it enough to simply stop using? And is that even possible? Let’s ask the big questions about addiction recovery and dive deep.

Addiction involves a habit we cannot free ourselves from, even when we want to. Whether it’s gambling, substances, drugs, or alcohol, as well as sex and romantic relationships. Addiction can be so many things.

As you are very likely aware, addiction can take over someone’s life to the point that they become so preoccupied with their habit that their lives as a whole pay a big price.

Given how varied addictions are, I don’t think merely taking the “substance” away is enough. So, what is the goal of addiction treatment? In this blog, we will discuss treatment programs and finding one that best fits your needs.

The Impact of Addiction Treatment Programs

Many addiction treatment programs make the behaviour of addiction “wrong” as well as turn the person struggling with addiction into an “addict.” People who seem to recover through this type of fault finding and shaming tend to go back to using very quickly and if they don’t then they are simply “white knuckling” it.

Is it enough to stop using out of fear? Is fear enough of a motivator?

I believe the goal of addiction recovery should be to create a life from which we won’t need to escape. As long as we are focused on what we “shouldn’t” be doing, we are not creating the life we truly desire.

Underlying Causes of Addiction

As we explore the various reasons why people become addicted, we find that there is much more to addiction than meets the eye. The object of addiction, be it a substance, person, or even one’s cell phone, matters less than why someone becomes addicted.

The deeper we look, the more we find underlying causes of addiction. Whether that’s meaninglessness, directionlessness, loneliness, boredom, trauma, depression, anxiety, hopelessness, etc. These causes don’t go away simply because one has stopped using or consuming the object of their addiction.

The goal of any treatment that is worthy of our resources should be a deeper connection with ourselves. The more deeply we connect with who we truly are through getting in touch with our emotions, as well as our true desires in life, the more motivated we feel to create that life for ourselves.

Finding Meaning and Purpose

Feeling inspired by life is the true cure for addiction. For some people, their spirituality is an essential part of feeling inspired, as long as this is done in a non-shaming way.

The programs that put God as the higher power that is ever watching and judging us create more internal agony than they alleviate. A truly healthy spirituality or religion does not point fingers, yet supports and motivates healthy behaviour. It inspires people to live their best lives and makes room for mistakes.

When we begin to heal the wounds we carry since childhood, we also become more compassionate with ourselves and more empathetic with those around us. This allows us to feel more connected in life and therefore much less lonely.

Healing and connection are the antidotes to addiction.  

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