New Year, New Hobby: 3 Healthy Hobbies For Those Struggling With Addiction

Women from all walks of life come through our doors. But, when they leave, it’s important that they have the tools and support they need to get their lives back on track and prevent resumed use. At GSWC, we believe that addiction is a response to living a life that has little personal meaning. And, when there’s no meaning, life can be boring. That is why finding a healthy hobby is a great tool for those struggling with addiction.

Boredom is How So Many Addictions Begin.

And this is why it’s essential to use your time wisely to avoid boredom, stress, depression, and other negative emotions that might cause a relapse. Participating in fun and a healthy hobby can help you build a more meaningful (and less boring) life. Here are a few hobbies you can try in the new year if you struggle with addiction. 

Painting or Drawing

Art has such therapeutic powers when it comes to healing. Art can boost your mood, relax your brain, release stress, and improve focus. Whether by painting, drawing, colouring, or sculpting, all forms of art require you to block out mental distractions which can help with finding clarity in your life. 

Artists can also enjoy the benefits of improved mindfulness. This simple task of creating art calls on all the parts of your brain to work together. The adult brain goes into a semi-hypnotic state which provides a great way to relax, release stress, and improve focus/concentration. 

Incorporating Exercise 

Even though one of the most popular New Year resolutions each year is to “lose weight” there are so many more benefits to exercise. Firstly, proper exercise (paired with good nutrition) can help improve the way you look and feel. There are so many enjoyable ways to incorporate exercise into your life that it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Find a program, workout, or routine that sparks your interest and stick with it. 

Volunteer Your Time 

Everyone gains from giving. Helping others provides many therapeutic and meaningful benefits. When you help others, it helps you feel good about yourself. Studies show that people who volunteer experience greater satisfaction and purpose in life. Volunteering your time can also boost your self-confidence and help you build a great sense of self-worth. 

Find A Healthy Hobby That’s Right For You

Whatever you commit to in the new year, be sure that it’s something that helps build meaning and purpose in your life. Start by identifying some of your strengths and interests and find a hobby that nurtures growth and happiness. 

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we’re here for you. We provide 24-hour medical care, psychiatry, psychology, nutrition and fitness support, specialized bodywork, and a host of other services to help you overcome addiction and build a more meaningful life in the new year and beyond.